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We all desire and dream to achieve bigger and higher things in our life. The ones which fill our body with adrenaline rush because our vision in the imagination of the said goal has all the kick and drive, we need to push ourselves to reach to the very spot. Yet, how often do we set up such high goals which end up just being an unachievable aim in our to-do-list.
It is in this reference we need to discuss the prominent idea of bridging the gap between setting the goals and achieving them. We all deserve to aspire for mightier things in life and with the right amount of hard work and strategy, it won’t be an impossible task to turn our dreams into reality, our aspirations into end results and our goals into achievements.

Have you heard of the saying “A goal without a plan is just a wish”? Yes. This is where we all go wrong when we make a goal. We fail to make a strategy, a plan and to be precise it should be the one that befits our needs and methodologies of functioning. For example, someone would prefer to be an early riser and the other would be a night owl but what is to be focused is that the individual should figure it out on his/her own what best equips and accommodates their demands and needs.
The aim merely determines the starting line and the course of action that must be followed to achieve the said achievement can be maintained with a continuous commitment to the objective in order to attain it. Temptations, failures, weak spots, and other roadblocks must be overcome. Self-discipline is the mindset and practise that motivates a person to achieve their objectives. A mind-set for productivity, confidence, and self-esteem is intuitively nurtured in tandem with that same rigorous approach.

The main elements to reduce the gap between the set goal and final achievements is to create measurable goals, rereading and revisiting goals acts up as a reminder to helps us reduce the ongoing reality and envisioned plan, consistency and persistency towards our goals which is to that your habits should be in lieu with your goals with a determined focus. All these things if inculcated and followed with due diligence would definitely lead to the bridging the gap between setting goals and achieving them.
In the book ‘The Power Focus’ Jack Canfield tells us about this right strategy “Once you know your life’s purpose, determine your vision and clarify what your true needs and desires are, you have to convert them into specific, measurable goals and objectives and then act on them with the certainty you will achieve them.”

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