Holistic Development of Students


Holistic education is a new development in education sector which believes in creating and connecting an interrelationship between all different facets of a student’s personality to help him/her to boost their growth. It can be defined as a process that “focuses on the fullest possible development of the person, encouraging individuals to become the very best or finest that they can be and enabling them to experience all they can from life and reach their goals (Marshman, 210).”

This is a way of dismantling the already existing custom which only focuses on the academic ability of a child. In the prevailing systems of learning and teaching, the centre of attention is to develop and improve the IQ i.e. Intelligent Quotient of the individual, whereas the EQ i.e. emotional quotient takes a back seat. With Holistic Education, the attempt is to nurture the creativity of a child by equally appreciating their developments in academic, cultural, sports or various other categories.

The instructors try to create a protected, steady and safe learning space which addresses the emotional, social, moral and cognitive requirements of the individual in a coordinated learning design. The emphasis is to broaden the area of learning and to avoid it being limited to classrooms. The notion is to enable knowledge with the help of experiences.
In layman language, Holistic education doesn’t believe in only helping you ace an exam but to ace the exam of life. To do so, educators may utilize various techniques and systems to make an all-encompassing learning society. Holistic education depends on a learning reasoning that carries various advantages to students, instructors, schools, and networks.

This kind of approach enhances mental and emotional wellbeing because in a healthy learning climate, where social and passionate learning is stressed alongside scholastics, the individual can have a superior possibility of arising with mindfulness, certainty and a feeling of social duty. People are enabled with both critical and creative skills which would help them take on any kind of challenge.

Overall, Holistic Education is the need of 21st century where education can’t be segregated only to academic achievements, instead an attempt to help individuals turn into all around, confident and versatile human beings who can excel in different domains of their choice. Our vision towards Holistic development of students can be easily conveyed in the lines of a famous author, James K.A. Smith who rightly said, “Education is a holistic endeavour that involves the whole person, including our bodies, in a process of formation that aims our desires, primes our imagination, and orients us to the world all before we ever start thinking about it.”

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