The Intersection of Technology & Education

“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – David Warlick

In today’s modern world, technology and education have become different yet important parts of a single whole. It is absolutely very difficult to separate education from technology which is constantly seeping through the cracks in the education system making a definite space for itself. The world is in the stage of a massive digital revolution and keeping education away from it would not be the smartest idea available.

Technology has become a prominent asset in the hands of both the educators as well as students.  The new techniques introduced in the learning process of students helps them to grasp the concepts with far more clarity which was possible only due to the advent of technology. The introduction of smart blackboards in schools where students cannot just learn from textbooks but also see graphical, pictorial presentation of concepts has added to the quality of education as audio and visual combined together have greater impact on the brain. With a smart phone, internet connectivity and the desire to study, a child can open doors to multitudes of learning and knowledge.

Educators have learned new modes of teaching which has helped them on many levels. Technology has given them the much-needed power to provide education to those who can’t travel far or reach the so-called educational hubs of our country to avail the benefit of their teaching methodologies. This created an opportunity for those who would have otherwise been forced to leave the lamp of knowledge and learning and disappear in the darkness of ignorance and neglect. We have recently seen the emergence of multiple educational platforms which reflect the combination of education and technology. 

We can also see that technology also helped the educators cope up in the time of Covid-19 crisis, keeping them far away from unemployment or downsizing which was observed in some institutions during the pandemic recession. Educators are also sometimes parents who, if they get used to these technological advances in education, can guide their children better and also keep an eye on the content their wards are exposed to.  We all are well aware that online teaching became a necessary tool for the education sector when our country was hit with COVID-19 since March 2020. Every section of educational sphere had to learn to adjust to the newly arisen situation. This intersection has helped students to stay connected with their classmates, friends, teachers which made learning a fun process and kept the competition intact without them missing out a year of valuable and priceless education. Also, the constant and continuous conduction of educational fun activities and co-curricular events gave them a better and healthy space to grow rather than the gloomy world of pandemic crisis.

Students and educators, both can avail state-of-art technology tools at their disposal to create a more innovative environment where contributions are made from both the ends to assure better quality and quantity of education. Having said that, technology still cannot replace the real time interaction of human beings because at the end of the day, we all are social animals. Virtual education is efficient but education isn’t only for bookish learning but a way to teach us how to survive and live our lives and all of this can only happen in a real-life classroom.  Therefore, intersection of technology and education has promising features for future and should be studied at length to derive greater benefits, without losing out on the process of acquiring knowledge to be used for the greater good of human kind.

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