Why Classroom Teaching is Important?

When we step into school for the first time, we believe that we are here for studying different subjects. But when we step out from school to enter the next phase of our lives, which is a complete roller coaster ride of challenges, risks, success and failure, we realize that school has taught us much more than simply concepts of science and stories of dynasties. This is where classroom teaching plays a major role.

With the advancement of technology and specially because of the global pandemic, online education has become a trend and a necessity. But whenever I see small children sitting in front of their mobile phones and attending classes, I can’t help but pity them for missing regular classes.

The environment provided by classroom teaching plays a major role in the personality development of a child. Strict school timings teach them the importance of discipline. Living around other students make them understand different behaviours of humans. Having to coordinate with students of different beliefs and ideas during class-wise competitions develop the quality of acceptance in their nature which is one of the most important character trait in order to maintain peace in the society.

The direct communication with teacher helps a child to feel more connected and makes clearing doubts an easy task. Discussing on different topics during classes with their peers improve their communication skills. The competitions organized in schools brings healthy competitive spirit in them and also teach them to handle both victory and failure. We very well know how distracting virtual classes are. Classroom teaching also focuses on physical and mental fitness of a child. Project deadlines and semester exams train them to survive pressurized situations of life.

The truth is our school subjects may help us in our career and this goal can be achieved through online classes if students are focused. But the skills and personality traits which are required for living a peaceful and happy life can only be taught from classroom teachings. The subjects of friendship, acceptance, self-love, respecting the opinions of other people, competitive spirit, discipline, sportsmanship, gratitude and the basic concepts of humanity, which will lead to a better society, can only be taught in classrooms and not from a digital screen.


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